If you looking for hair that is low maintenance and will blend seamlessly with your own hair🙌🏾 This texture is for you💕​​​​​​​​​  Some of the benefits of investing in this texture:  * It’s our wake-up-and-go texture  * Ships out Freshly Co-washed 💦 * Holds curls for over 48 hours  * Can be coloured to 613 * With proper care, we have seen our hair last a minimum of 4-5 years and longer!

LHS Cambodian Luxe Natural Wave Bundle Deal


Bundles Length (Inches): 14"14"14"

12" 14" 16"
14" 16" 18"
16" 18" 20"
18" 20" 22"
20" 22" 24"
22" 24" 26"
24" 26" 28"

Dive into pure luxury with our LHS Cambodian Luxe Natural Wave Bundle Deal – meticulously handpicked and double-drawn for unparalleled quality. Each bundle is sourced from a single donor, 100% original cuticle alignment, emanating a natural beauty vibe. Our skilled experts work their magic by replacing shorter hairs with longer ones in every extension bundle, ensuring luxuriously full and lush ends.

Experience the effortless hair that demands minimal maintenance – virtually tangle and shed-proof. Unleash your creativity with customization – whether you choose to bleach it to 613 or infuse it with your favourite colour, revel in its colour-friendly nature. Elevate your style with this premium quality, tailor-made for our high-maintenance babes around the world.

Featured in the main pic are three bundles of 26”.


Why you will love our hair collection!

  • 100% unprocessed Raw Cambodian sourced from Cambodia 
  • Each luxurious strand is collected from just one donor to ensure the best quality 
  • There are no fillers, synthetic fibre or animal hairs
  • Double weft tracks= undetectable installations, no tangling & no shedding 
  • Long a day ahead of you? Sis no need to worry about your curls not lasting for many hours after styling 
  • Pre-washed in organic products 
  • Available in a natural brown/black colour
  • Weight: 100 grams per bundle
  • Each bundle is full & thick
  • Usage: Can be Flat Iron, curled, dyed, bleached and be reused multiple times
  • Longevity: 5 years and more with proper care 
  • Texture: Natural Wave
  • Fast shipping

Check out this raw hair review & learn how to achieve bomb voluminous waves using this texture.





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