The straight Cambodian hair is absolutely amazing!! There’s no shedding, or tangles and minimal straightening is required. I’m very satisfied with my purchase the hair has been lasting a long time, I’m now on my second use, the first was a sew in and now I turned the hair into a bob wig and I’m in love!! Great customer service and professionalism!

-Latoya M June 5 2020

I've had my Natural Wave for a few yrs now.....the hair quality is very smooth and soft. I love to wear it wet because of how silky it is while wet.  The curls are perfect. Easy to maintain.  I just recieved my closure for the bundles recently and so far so good. Did a bit of plucking for a more natural hair line look.  Closure matched the bundles perfectly. Love the natural texture of the hair and how it matches my leave out (if i choose too) when straightened.  Im happy with my bundles and i would highly recommend it and the seller service is kind and responds quickly and professionally.  I love my Luxury Hair Silhouette.


-Grace May 28 2020


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